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Strike fear throughout the galaxy with ominous dark side graphics. The Galactic Empire lives on in the battle-worn kiến thiết of this unique special edition notebook.

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Completely immerse yourself in the iconic Star Wars universe. This notebook comes preloaded with rare wallpapers, screen saves, concept art, và original trilogy storyboards from the Star Wars archives.

Over 1,100 images

Enjoy almost 40 years of Star Wars history with "concept art" created by Lucasfilm artists before the films were made, a collection of storyboards which were actually used to lớn guide filming, & behind-the-scenes photos, set designs, costumes, models, & more.

Sound schemes & wallpapers

Replace standard notifications with iconic with Star Wars sounds including R2-D2 & lightsabers. Choose among Star Wars themed wallpaper collections including black & white stills, ships, Tatooine, and more.

Aurebesh font

Type like you"re a citizen of Coruscant. Aurebesh, the Galactic Case Standard language, comes loaded in the fonts library of Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook.

Bonus features

The first Marvel Star Wars comic in the series, e-book excerpts from the Star Wars Universe & Star Wars movie trailers all come pre-loaded on the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook.

Full HD IPS touchscreen

A dazzling view with an extra wide viewing angle can only be found on the 15-inch diagonal FHD IPS display, và the optional touchscreen lets you easily control your Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook with a finger.1

Audio by B&O PLAY

Watching movies will never be the same. Don’t just listen. Let rongmotorbike.com with Audio by B&O PLAY move you.

Reliable processing power

Red backlit keyboard

Unleash your inner Sith with glowing red backlit keys. Keep going even in dimly lit rooms with an illuminated keyboard.

Help keep your notebook sfe from bumps, debris, or any approaching Rebel fleet with the Star Wars™ Special Edition Sleeve. 

Sold separately.

Wrap your notebook in a padded sleeve that offers more protection than an Imperial army and a design even a Sith Lord would find most impressive.Coming soon
Have the nguồn of the dark side at your fingertips with a mouse you were born khổng lồ wield. With powerful wireless capabilities & low-profile design, it"s slim, sleek, và refined khổng lồ give you total control.
Enjoy a không lấy phí one-year membership to lớn Fandor (a $90 value), a handpicked collection of the most talked-about independent films from around the world, steaming khổng lồ your desktop, smartphone device, & TV.

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Windows 10

Windows 10 is here. Bởi great things confidently with the familiar feel of Windows—only better.2
12GB memoryDo more with more memory. Whether gaming, watching high-definition videos, or multi-tasking acrossapplications, the Star Wars™ Special Edition with up to 12GB memory keeps up with you.
Store moreWith up khổng lồ 1TB of additional storage space, you can have more—more music, more videos, morephotos.3 You could store over 1,000,000 photos, up lớn 500 movies or more than 240,000 songs.
NVIDIA GeForce GraphicsExperience your games and movies in all their high definition glory with the smooth frame rates andbrilliant clarity from NVIDIA GeForce Graphics.
Re-writable DVD driveWatch DVD movies4 using the optional, integrated optical drive—or write your own media.
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1. Full high-definition (FHD) content required khổng lồ view FHD images.

2. Multi-Core is designed lớn improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. 64-bit computing system required. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload và your hardware & software configurations. Intel’s numbering is not a measurement of higher performance.

3. For hard drives, TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less. Up lớn 35GB of hard drive is reserved for system recovery software.