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By Daniel Krupa

Walt Disney Animation Studios has officially announced its first movie inspired by a Marvel property. But it's not Iron Man or The Hulk, it's an adaptation of a less well-known property – Big hero 6.

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It'll be directed by Disney veteran Don Hall, who's worked on several Disney movies & directed the 2011 version of Winnie the Pooh. Disney is aiming to lớn release the film in 2014. The movie will be animated using CG. We first heard about a potential adaptation last summer.

Here's some first-look footage that's been released khổng lồ give you a sense of the world being created:

If you're not familiar with Big nhân vật 6 (you're probably not alone), the film will focus on Hiro Hamada, a gifted maker of robots, & his robot friend BayMax, who become part of a team of superheroes protecting the high-tech fictional city of San Fransokyo.

Have you seen Big nhân vật 6?


The series was created back in 1998 by Steven T. Seagle và Duncan Rouleau. Expect an affectionate marrying of Western and Eastern influences – take a look at the way which the Golden Gate bridge has been combined with a traditional pagoda in the concept art above.

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At the minute, this is just confirmation that Disney is adapting one of the many properties it now owns since the acquisition of Marvel.

What does this mean for the future? Certainly the success of Big hero 6 could mở cửa the gates for more animated Marvel properties in the years ahead. Roll on, 2014.

Daniel is rongmotorbike.com's UK Staff Writer. You can be part of the world's most embarrassing cult by following him on rongmotorbike.comTwitter.

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